Neshaszda Wright Discusses Balancing Motherhood & Entrepreneurship

Motherhood is one of the most fulfilling journeys you can take in life, but it can also be a challenging one – especially when you’re trying to balance raising your children and a full-time career. “Making a great work-life balance is the goal,” says Neshaszda Wright, entrepreneur, wife, and mother of two. “But there are strategies you can put into place that will help you get a little closer.”

Neshaszda Wright is a published children’s book author, an entrepreneur, and a wedding photographer. On top of that, she is also a veteran and a proud military wife. Wright is also a local philanthropist, she has awarded six scholarships to local graduating seniors thus far, and she has plans to further expand her scholarship funding. 

Neshaszda Wright Believes in the Power of Routine 

“Maybe it was my time in the military,” laughs Neshaszda Wright, “but I still believe in the power of routine to make your life run more smoothly.” She acknowledges that morning routines will look different for every family, but what’s important is to put the routine into practice.

When you establish a routine, it creates habits. When you develop habits, your brain creates shortcuts that allow you to complete your habitual tasks almost effortlessly. Performing the same tasks in the same order every morning can create a routine that streamlines your mornings and reduces your stress significantly.

Neshaszda Wright points out that kids will usually find a way to disrupt your routines – but that’s part of the fun! Try to minimize the chaos by involving your children in your routines. Have them set the table while you make breakfast, or ask them to help you cook (depending on their age). Get creative!

Be Fully Present Says Neshaszda Wright

Neshaszda Wright is a full-time entrepreneur and mom. Working as a wedding photographer means that she also often works weekends and evenings while she has flexible hours. It would be easy for this kind of schedule to wear a person down, but Neshaszda Wright says that mindfulness and focusing on being fully present keeps her energy up.

Neshaszda says, “Carving out time in my busy schedule to have moments with the family, and no work, has helped tremendously. Loving my children and husband with no distraction is my favorite part of the day and what motivates me!”

“When I’m at work, I’m Neshaszda Wright, wedding photographer extraordinaire, and that has my complete attention,” says Wright. “But when I’m with my kids and husband, I am a Mom and wife.” She says the trick is deep breathing exercises to refocus. When you switch environments, when you get home from work, for example, close your eyes, take slow deep breaths, and count ten. Try to focus on the sound of your breath and the feeling of your chest rising and falling. Afterward, open your eyes and state your intentions. “Now I want to focus on my time with my family,” or “Now it’s time to focus on my work.”

Healthy Lifestyle and Prayer

Neshaszda points out that eating healthier and doing light exercise has really helped with her work-life balance. “Working out and eating healthy made a light bulb go off in my mind. It helped me to be more aware of my life and mental health. When mommy feels good, I can be my best self for my family.”

Prayer is the center of Neshaszda’s Wright household. “Faith is our foundation,” says Neshaszda. Their family gets together every night to pray together before bedtime. Her children’s favorite prayer is The Lord’s Prayer. “They have it memorized now,” laughs Neshaszda. It gives our family peace and joy.

Neshaszda Wright’s Published Work

Neshaszda Wright, her encouraging husband Dean, their energetic son Princeton, and passionate daughter Amina thoroughly enjoy crafting entertaining children’s books together. Princeton and Amina love that they have been included and transformed as characters in these lively Dream Machine Adventures. 

The first Wright Family publication, “I Dream Of Being (Dream Machine Adventures)” inspires children worldwide to dream through their brilliant minds. In this bright and appealing book, Princeton and Amina invite you and your child to climb aboard the Dream Machine and join them on their exciting journey exploring the galaxy. Neshaszda Wright and her family strive to embolden children to drive their dreams into reality by embracing individuality and creating goals. 

Neshaszda Wright and her family published their newest children’s book “Safari Alphabet Party: Princeton and Aminas Dream Machine Adventures” this past October. In this delightfully illustrated book, you and your child are invited to join Princeton and Amina in exploring the safari while learning about the alphabet, sight words, and colors. The Wright family strives to make learning fun in each of its captivating children’s books.

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