It’s a Jungle Out There but Neshaszda Wright Is Ready To Be Your Safari Guide

Mompreneur Neshaszda Wright A Black Children’s Author You Should Know

There are an estimated 30.2 million small business owners in the United States. Neshaszda Wright accounts for at least two of them. On her way to becoming a serial entrepreneur, Neshaszda Wright is both an accomplished wedding photographer and a published children’s author as well as a mother to a son and daughter, military wife, veteran, and philanthropist, awarding six college scholarships to graduating seniors so far. While many people were spending this year trying to figure out what to do during a global pandemic, Mrs. Wright and her family released their newest children’s book “Safari Alphabet Party: Princeton and Aminas Dream Machine Adventures” in October. 

Neshaszda Wright Focuses On Sharing Her Creativity

To bolster family time and encourage flexibility, Neshaszda Wright, her husband D’Sean, their children Princeton and Amina have now written two children’s books together. Princeton and Amina are included as the central characters in these lively Dream Machine Adventures.

In their newest book, “Safari Alphabet Party: Princeton and Aminas Dream Machine Adventures” you and your child are invited to join Princeton and Amina in exploring the safari while learning about the alphabet, sight words, colors, and confidence. The Wright family has the goal of making learning fun in each of its beautifully illustrated children’s books. Black representation and self-confidence is also very important to their book collection.

The Children Book Promotes Early Reading & Self Confidence 

Neshaszda Wright is very passionate about helping her children learn to read early. Neshaszda Wright has been hands-on with her children from day one. Early intervention is a huge inspiration for her behind this book. This book has helped her children learn to read and that is why she wants to share it with the world! ‘Safari Alphabet Party’ covers everything from sight words, colors, and writing. This book makes it fun for the children and parents from start to finish! “Promoting your children to read and write early prepares them for success” Neshaszda Wright makes it H.E.R. mission to include daily activities in the book to boost children’s self-confidence. She believes self-confidence plays a huge role in future success and leadership. We agree! 

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‘Alphabet Safari Party’ by The Wright Family

I Dream Of Being (Dream Machine Adventures) 

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